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Scraping Google Scholar

In this post I am using SERPAPI to scrape data from google scholar. Check out my GitHub here, if you would like to do the same on your website.

My total citations are: 66  

My h-index is: 4

A table of all my papers can be seen here:

Article Authors Year Citations
IMPaCT: A Parallelized Software Tool for IMDP Construction and Controller Synthesis with Convergence GuaranteesB Wooding, A Lavaei2024
Data-driven abstraction-based control synthesisM Kazemi, R Majumdar, M Salamati, S Soudjani, B Wooding202423
PRoTECT: Parallelized Construction of Safety Barrier Certificates for Nonlinear Polynomial SystemsB Wooding, V Horbanov, A Lavaei2024
IMPaCT: Interval MDP Parallel Construction for Controller Synthesis of Large-Scale Stochastic SystemsB Wooding, A Lavaei20241
Formal Control of New England 39-Bus Test System: An Assume-Guarantee ApproachB Wooding, A Lavaei, S Soudjani20233
Robust Simulation Functions with Disturbance RefinementB Wooding, A Lavaei, V Vahidinasab, S Soudjani20233
Model-Based and Data-Driven Formal Synthesis of Power SystemsB Wooding2023
Control and management of active buildingsB Wooding, V Vahidinasab, M Kazemi, S Soudjani20212
Operation and control of a population of active buildings at network levelB Wooding, V Vahidinasab, S Soudjani20213
Tuning Robotti: the machine-assisted exploration of parameter spaces in multi-models of a cyber-physical systemS Bogomolov, J Fitzgerald, FF Foldager, C Gamble, PG Larsen, K Pierce, ...20215
ARCH-COMP20 Category Report: Stochastic Models.A Abate, HAP Blom, N Cauchi, J Delicaris, A Hartmanns, M Khaled, ...202014
Formal Controller Synthesis for Frequency Regulation Utilising Electric VehiclesB Wooding, V Vahidinasab, S Soudjani202010
Using Formal Methods and Proof to Verify a CANDO Epilepsy Medical DeviceB Wooding20192

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