PRoTECT Software Tool

PRoTECT: Parallelized Construction of Safety Barrier Certificates for Nonlinear Polynomial Systems

PRoTECT is an open-source software tool for the parallelized construction of safety barrier certificates (BCs) for nonlinear polynomial systems. This tool employs sum-of-squares (SOS) optimization programs to systematically search for polynomial-type BCs. It can verify safety properties over four classes of dynamical systems: (i) discrete-time stochastic systems, (ii) discrete-time deterministic systems, (iii) continuous-time stochastic systems, and (iv) continuous-time deterministic systems.

PRoTECT is implemented in Python as an application programming interface (API). It includes a user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI) or interaction via function calls from other Python programs. PRoTECT leverages parallelism across different barrier degrees to efficiently search for a feasible BC. The GitHub repository for PRoTECT can be found here. You can also find some useful videos for installing and understanding PRoTECT below.